Creative First Creative First Bringing the power of creativity to the community.
2020 spring,the debut of a new Creative City.


“Creativity First”: a new vision to shore up innovation.

Businessperson creativity is the wellspring of business innovation.

The goal is to create a place for generating new value.

We will support growth of individual resources and generate human interaction by providing opportunities for Businesspersons to step up in an environment built to strengthen their creativity.

This is our “Creativity First” concept: A new vision of the office that puts the pursuit of Businessperson creativity above all.

The keywords are well-being , smart , diversity , and socializing.

All these aspects will contribute to worker creativity.


Tokyo World Gate View from the ground 150 m

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the specific point in the panorama screen.


Creative thinking fostered by working in comfort and natural surroundings.


Advanced, sophisticated spaces that inspire.


Sensibility refined by the influence of global businesspersons, entrepreneurs, and a diverse range of others.


Surprising new ideas inspired by interpersonal interactions.